Do you know how to communicate with him?

Today, customers get in and out of your store and it's harder to know who is who individually.
70% of Buying Decision happens on the POS and that opportunity must be taken to increase the ticket and build customer loyalty.


The iaiNet connects you to your customer through the Wi-Fi.


Retail Analytics

We identify all the smartphones on the place and start to anonymously observe them.
With this data, our artificial intelligence learns with the consumer behavior, generating reports about their profile.


Intelligent Relationship

To access the internet the customer has to logs in with his social network, and from this point, it's created a relationship channel with him.
Automatically iaiNet identify the behavior patterns and send the
right message, to the right person, at the right time!


How it works to the user?

How it works to the user?

iaiNet helps to answer those hard questions:

1) Franchise:

2) Mall:

3) Supermarket:

Behavioral Marketing

Behavioral Marketing gets through the capture of information and analysis of the consumer behavior in the store. Data as Return, Dwell Time, the most visited areas, sex, age and location feed the algorithm able to identify patterns and send the right message at the right time for the consumer.

Behavioral Push

After identify the right target, we communicate with the consumer through a PUSH.
There is 4 types of Push:

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